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Smoothly For Better
Butter And Better

Smoothly For Better Butter And Better Sustainability

On a slice of fresh sourdough bread, nothing beats butter. But what a pain when the butter’s straight out of the fridge. It goes on in lumps and chunks, so your bread-and-butter experience is patchy and ugly.

And when you’re baking a cake, nothing beats butter. However, beating butter and sugar until it’s creamy is a hard task when the butter’s straight from the fridge. Maybe you’ll zap it in the microwave?

Now there’s a way of getting a perfect butter experience every time. We’re talking butter that’s not too hard and not too soft, so that it spreads perfectly on your bread, toast, scone, bun or muffin. And butter that is pliant enough for perfect cake baking and scone making.

Butter’s biggest leap forward is here and it’s called Smoothly.

Smoothly Achieves The Delicate Balance Between Hard And Soft

Smoothly is a state-of-the-art standalone butter conditioner that automatically keeps your butter at exactly the right temperature for spreading. It also ensures your butter stays cool enough for keeping, so that you don’t end up with melted butter that tastes rancid.

Sure, there have been butter conditioners in the past. They used to be part of fridges. However fridge manufacturers removed them because they said having a heating device in a fridge was counterproductive. Many people lamented the loss of butter conditioners in fridges. To those people we say spread the word about Smoothly.

Smoothly Makes Your Household More Sustainable

When you simplify your butter life to a pound (or 500g) of the good stuff wrapped in waxed paper and stored in a Smoothly, you’re limiting waste to landfill.

Plastic butter tubs are made from polypropylene (PP). Yes, we know that this type of plastic carries a recycling symbol (#5), but how much PP actually gets recycled? More often than not, it’s straight to landfill for every butter container you buy at the supermarket.

To summarise from the website ‘A Better Footprint’:

Butter is packed in two ways. Wax paper packaging or plastic tubs. Ideally, all butter produced should be wrapped in wax paper. However in the case of spreadable butter, that’s not possible.

Butter containers can be recycled, but not all recycling facilities accept them. Butter containers are made from plastic #5. Although this is considered a recyclable plastic, not all facilities can process these materials. It takes a more specialised process to recycle #5 – much harder than recycling PET bottles.

And here’s what Recycling Today has to say about PP:

“While polypropylene (PP) is the most versatile and easiest to recycle polymer and one of the most widely used materials in packaging for consumer goods, this packaging is not widely recycled. Additionally, PP is virtually non-existent as a food-grade recycled material because of the inability to separate food-grade PP from nonfood-grade PP.”

Smoothly Trims Your Grocery Bill

Softened butter is usually more than twice the price of a regular paper-wrapped butter. With Smoothly, you’ll never have to buy a tub of butter again, so you’ll save money as well as plastic.

Depending on how much butter you eat in a week, simplifying your butter spend to paper-wrapped packs will eventually pay for your Smoothly. And the good feeling that comes with being more sustainable is priceless.

Smoothly App Puts Softness Control At Your Fingertips

Your Smoothly can be controlled by the Smoothly app, which can be installed onto your Android or Apple phone. Select softer or firmer, according to your needs and tastes.

Anatomy Of Smoothly

Bamboo/resin Casing
This Sustainably-Sourced Casing Looks Great On The Bench Or Table. Washable Bamboo/Resin Material Resists UV Fading.
Removable Butter Tray
Dishwasher-Safe Metal Butter Tray Can Be Removed From Smoothly And Placed On The Table.
Temperature Control
Use The Smoothly App To Adjust Temperature (Firmer Or Softer) According To Your Preferences.
Refrigerator Circuit And Fan
Smoothly Automatically Warms Or Cools, Depending On The Ambient Temperature Of Your Home.
Power Supply
Plug Into An Ordinary Electrical Socket.

Smoothly For Everyday Good Nutrition

Nutrition is trending back to butter, because it’s a real food that’s close to nature. With only salt added, butter is just a churn away from the fresh cow’s milk that’s collected every day on dairy farms around the world.

Butter contains lots of valuable fatty acids, including omega-3s and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which may help with blood sugar control and is used as a weight loss supplement. It also contains butyrate, a short-chain fatty acid that helps fight inflammation, one of the main drivers of heart disease.

As well as important fatty acids, butter contains vitamins. Every time you spread butter on your bread you’re getting vitamin A for healthy eyes, immune response, reproduction, and growth and development; vitamin K2 for bone and heart health; and vitamins D and E, which are antioxidants that help the immune system.

Smoothly For Spreadable Butter That Keeps For Longer

Exposure to light and air are the two main reasons butter goes rancid or spoils, which means you need to think carefully about how you store butter. Inside Smoothly, butter is protected from both light and over-exposure to air. So now you can have your spreadable butter and get to keep it too.

Smoothly Instead Of Margarine

If you’ve been buying non-butter spreads because they’re spreadable, a move to Smoothly could be better for your health.

“ Margarine may contain trans-fat, which raises LDL (bad) cholesterol, lowers HDL (good) cholesterol and makes blood platelets stickier, increasing heart disease risk. Margarine containing hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils contain trans fats and should be avoided. Cleveland Clinic “

Smoothly For The Better Butter Taste

While developing Smoothly, the engineering team focused on the ‘optimal’ temperature range for storing butter, so it stays spreadable without turning rancid or melting. When butter is consistently kept within the perfect zone, it maintains optimal flavour. Yum.

While Smoothly is designed to keep butter in the goldilocks zone 24/7, you can use the app to adjust the temperature within this range.

Cost Efficiency.
Health Benefits.

Smoothly For Better Cooking

Butter is as essential to classic good cooking as a sharp knife. It’s the ultimate food enhancer and the preferred fat for many of the world’s best cooks.

Butter is a brilliant flavour carrier for spices and base ingredients like onion and garlic. When creamed with sugar, butter helps cakes to rise because it helps to trap air and expands when heated. And butter is the key ingredient for the world’s most acclaimed French sauces - béarnaise, béchamel and beurre blanc.

For a multitude of cultures around the planet, butter is a natural way to enhance the flavour of almost any dish, from buttercream cake and melt-in-the-mouth brownies to barbecued burgers and creamy polenta. It has also provided the foundation for frying, baking, food preservation, medical remedies and more. For all these classics and many more, butter that’s ready to use from your Smoothly companion is the place to begin.

Julia Child -
“With enough butter, anything is good.”
Joan Gussow -
“As for butter versus margarine, I trust cows more than chemists.”
Julie Powell -
“You can never have too much butter.”
Ina Garten -
“Anyone who tries to make brownies without butter should be arrested.”
Anthony Bourdain -
“I like butter. I like a lot of butter.”
Michael Ruhlman -
“I believe it’s a cook’s moral obligation to add more butter given the chance.”
Alicea Waters -
“Everything tastes better with butter.”

Smoothly is for YOU!

Once Smoothly is on the market and freely available, it becomes an inspired choice for giving. Everybody deserves the gift of perfectly spreadable butter.

  • Foodies will love Smoothly as an addition to their kitchen tools.
  • Forever couples will love Smoothly as a wedding or civil union gift.
  • Environmentally conscious people will love Smoothly, because it represents less plastic into landfills.
  • Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and cousins could all use a Smoothly in their lives.
Ways Smoothly Can Change Your Life

Spreads On Your Bread

Even fresh out of the oven, when it’s almost too warm to slice, bread can be spread successfully with butter stored in Smoothly.


Won’t Bust Your Toast

The benchtop toaster was invented in 1893. Today, it’s hard to imagine a kitchen without one. Toast demands spreadable butter, so Smoothly is your toaster’s best friend.


Makes School Lunches Easier

The morning sandwich rush is extra smooth with Smoothly. Butter spreads quickly and covers more surface area, so sandwiches are faster and tastier.


Doesn’t Bust Your Muffin

A soft, tender muffin falls apart under the weight of cold lump of butter. But Smoothly does the trick without breaking the cake.


Perfect For Sublime Toasted Sandwiches

Spread the outside surfaces of your toastie with Smoothly for an even suntan and a crispy finish.


Makes Butter Fancy

Blend Smoothly butter with herbs or garlic for a gourmet twist to your favourite savoury meal.


Creams Perfectly With Sugar For Cakes And Cookies

Every cake baker knows you can’t cream butter and sugar if the butter’s too hard or too soft. Butter from a Smoothly is always ready for cake baking and cookie making.


Easier To Measure For Recipes

Need a tablespoon of butter for a recipe? Try carving that from a cold block. With Smoothly, you can spread butter into a tablespoon for an accurate measurement every time.


Where does Smoothly come from?

Smoothly was designed in New Zealand (the legendary land of butter) by an engineering team led by entrepreneur Logan Gill. Units are manufactured and assembled in Australia.

How do I use Smoothly?

It couldn’t be easier. Plug the Smoothly in and turn it on. Take a pound (500g) of paper-wrapped butter from the fridge and unwrap it. Open Smoothly and put the button on the metal insert tray. Replace Smoothly’s lid and wait one hour.

How Much Butter Fits In Smoothly?

Smoothly can take a full pack of paper-wrapped butter. Smaller packs of butter can also be stored in a Smoothly.

As Essential As Your Toaster!

As Trusty As Your Favourite Knife!

As Easy To Use As A Kitchen Tap!

Butter Tips From The Best

Ideas to try with spreadable butter straight from the Smoothly.

  • Gordon Ramsay brushes his burger patties with butter two minutes before they come off the grill. It caramelises the butter for an extra-wonderful burger flavour.
  • Jamie Oliver’s Christmas butter recipe combines butter with cranberries; fresh thyme, rosemary and sage; and a fresh mandarin.
  • Julia Child’s roast chicken tip is to massage the chicken’s skin with plenty of softened butter, which infuses flavour and fat into the meat and skin while crisping up the skin perfectly.
  • Anthony Bourdain’s famous steak-seasoning butter combines softened butter with shallot onions sautéed in red wine.
  • David Chang says you can cut the intense saltiness of miso by mixing it with softened butter.
  • Juggling Act Mama makes Cowboy Butter with softened butter, fresh parsley, red pepper flakes, black pepper, fresh garlic and lemon zest.
  • Helson Blumenthal makes spiced butter with cumin, chilli powder, smoked Paprika, tomato ketchup, Worcestershire sauce and marmite, all smooshed into softened butter.
  • Neil Perry serves chargrilled corn with chipotle butter, which is made with softened butter and chipotle chillies in adobo sauce.

Just $1 USD Gets You Into Smoothly Territory

Every butter lover needs a Smoothly in their life. That’s why our entry-level pledge is just $1USD. Smoothly will go live to buy via Kickstarter on Monday 26th September 2022 NZDT.

Register For $1 And You Will Receive A Priority Link When Smoothly Is Live To Buy When Purchasing Your Smoothly Companion And A Kickstarter Reward.